Hey there! Welcome to Planner Bunny Press. PBP is a one-woman operation that prides itself on being almost 100% hand drawn and exclusive. The characters featured in the shop are the real and potentially too loved pets of the shopowner, Kate. Let's take a tour of that situation, shall we?


  • 29-going-on-12
  • Hula hoop connoisseur
  • Loves: Boba, plants, Sanrio, mid-2000s pop-punk, alpacas
  • Hates: bread and butter pickles, imagine dragons
  • Is approximately 62% doritos at any given time
  • HBIC
  • Loves: destroying everything I love
  • Hates: being told what to do
  • Just wants to see the world burn
  • Might actually be a meatball
  • Loves: sitting
  • Hates: wearing hats, but does it because he loves me
  • 1.2 pounds of absolute smol
  • ~sensitive~
  • Loves: bananas
  • Hates: being picked up
  • 112% delicate bean
  • Arguably not a rabbit
  • Loves: hogging the bed
  • Bork bork
  • Not technically a member of the bunsquad
  • Loves: being a literal cloud
  • Hates: not being the center of attention
  • Just follow the three cardinal rules of gremlins and you'll be fine


I got a professional headshot done. Very off brand.
BUT for real, Planner Bunny Press was established as a printable insert shop in July 2017. I got a silhouette cameo for Christmas 2017 and was quoted as saying "I will literally under no circumstances open a sticker shop", and yet here we are. I began selling hand drawn character stickers based on what I knew - my own buns - in February of 2018. I eventually added Winnie, Brisket, and Koda to the shop because, quite frankly, it was rude of me not to in the first place. The shop has slowly taken off, and I'm so grateful to my customers for supporting me. I never dreamed the shop would grow this much, and it's my customers that make things like enamel pins, washi tape, attending planner conferences, and maybe getting my student loans paid off before I'm 70 possible. I love y'all.