A5+ Rings Weekly Undated Inserts
A5+ Rings Weekly Undated Inserts

A5+ Rings Weekly Undated Inserts

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This is a listing for a A5+ printable ringbound insert. The final folded dimension of a page will be 6.5" x 8.5"

This listing includes:
☆ One 24 page ( 12 sheets ) Undated Weekly insert - insert includes 8 weeks. Inside pages can easily be printed to add more weeks to the insert.
☆ Insert is designed to fit most commercial planner kits. Columns are 1.5" wide.
☆ This insert is LARGER THAN A STANDARD A5 INSERT. Please test your planner to confirm that a 6.5" x 8.5" sheet comfortably fits within your binder.
☆ This insert will likely need to be flipped on the LONG END while printing. Please note these settings.

All binders do not accomodate this size sheet - the following planners are confirmed to be compatible:

☆ Foxy fix a5 rings ORIGINAL CLOSURE (not folio)
☆ Carpe Diem a5 rings
☆ImperfectlyPerfekt a5 rings *with a SMIDGE of overhang - this can be eliminated by trimming an additional 1/8" from the sides of the insert*

The following planners are confirmed to NOT be compatible:

☆ Green & Lyme

The digital download contains the following PDF files inside of a .zip file:
☆ Weekly insert with title ("Weekly")
☆ Printer help guide

☆ The purchase of this printable entitles the user to unlimited personal use of the files.
☆ The purchaser MAY NOT redistribute or use the printable for commercial purposes.
☆ The purchaser is allowed to make minor visual changes to the printable, such as adding a custom header or title.